12:00 am00:00

Day Five

  • Breakfast in the Acorn Grill (7:00am)
  • Travel to Stone Barns Center - Optional Trip (8:00am)
    • Arrive at Stone Barns Center (12:00pm)
    • Depart Stone Barns Center/Tarrytown (8:00pm)
  • Return to Hotel (12:00am)
12:00 am00:00

Day Four

  • Breakfast in Meeting Room (7:30am)
  • Session III - "Utilizing Exotic Germplasm in Breeding" (8:30am)
    • Major Goodman
    • Jane Dever
  • Break and Seed Swap (10:00am)
  • Student Research Presentations (10:30am)
  • Lunch at Park Next to Resort (12:00pm)
  • Session IV - "Seed Solidarity"  (1:30pm)
    • Jared Zystro
  • Planning Meeting: SOSS 2015 (2:15pm)
  • Break (3:00pm)
  • Final Remarks (3:30pm)
    • Humberto Rios Labrada
    • Matthew Dillon
  • Free Time (4:30pm)
  • Closing Dinner at Park Next to Resort (6:00pm)
12:00 am00:00

Day Three

  • Breakfast in the Acorn Grill (7:00am)
  • Depart for Field Tour Day (8:00am)
    • Tour Kingbird Farm (8:30am)
    • Depart Kingbird Farm (9:30am)
    • Tour Farmer Ground Flour (10:15am)
    • Depart Farmer Ground Flour (11:00am)
    • Lunch at Bejo Seeds (12.00pm)
      • Tour of Bejo Seeds Demonstration Gardens (1:00pm)
      • Depart Bejo Seeds (2:00pm)
    • Tour USDA Vegetable Germplasm Repository (2:15pm)
    • Tour USDA Apple and Grape Germplasm Collection (3:00pm)
    • Depart USDA Repository
    • Tour Remembrance Farm w/ Fruition Seeds (4:45pm)
    • Depart Remembrance Farm (6:00pm)
  • Dinner at Northstar Restaurant (6:30pm)
  • Travel Back to Resort (8:30pm)
12:00 am00:00

Day Two

  • Breakfast in Meeting Room (7:30am)
  • Session I - "Foundations of Organic Seed" (8:30am)
    • Mark Sorrells
    • E.T. Lammerts van Buren
  • Break (10:00am)
  • Session II - "Integrated Systems" (10:15am)
    • R. Ford Denison
    • Albert Culbreath
  • Travel to Freeville Organic Farm (11:45am)
    • Lunch and Introduction (12:30pm)
    • Farm Tour and Faculty Talks (1:30pm)
    • Student Introductions and Trial Plot Demonstrations (2:30pm)
  • Travel to Agava Restaurant (5:30pm)
    • Dinner w/ Cornell Plant Breeding Department (6:00pm)
  • Travel Back to Hope Lake Lodge Resort (8:30pm)
12:00 am00:00

Day One

  • Optional Seed School (8:00am)
  • Check-In at Hotel Lobby (5:00pm)
  • Welcome Speech by SOSS Organizing Committee (6:00pm)
  • Welcome Dinner in Tent on Resort Grounds (6:15pm)
  • Outdoor Social (8:00pm)